We can print posters up to 4 feet wide.
We can print posters up to 4 feet wide.
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Our Story

In 2012 Trevor and Charleen were disappointed they could not find souvenirs that were made locally that they could send to family that were away. They visited many gift stores, and most of the small items like magnets, keychains and ornaments were made overseas. There was space in the market for gifts that were made in Canada, by Canadians that represented the culture and life in the region. They had noticed this lack of local products in the market as they traveled across Canada. They started to design and craft small gifts that could be shipped inexpensively around the world.

Head shot of Charleen and Trevor Edis in a park

With the use of lasers and CNC machines they have developed a number of products that are sold in gift shops throughout the Maritimes. Tartan magnets and ornaments have been the most popular gifts, and have been mailed all over the world. Many customers come back year after year to purchase the latest designs. There are now over 60 different shapes for ornaments and magnets. Great care is taken to make sure the fabric is glued precisely. They put many hours of research into selecting the type of fabrics, glues and magnets to produce the finest quality magnets and ornaments.

Their wooden bow ties have been shipped to countries like Hong Kong, Australia and the United Kingdom. They have been customized with different tartan knots to suit the local provinces in the Maritimes as well as high quality silk brocades.

The designs are created in house, and each one has a story. They were designed with specific markets in mind. Canadians are proud of their heritage, and we are proud to depict our heritage in the products we design. Some of their family have lived on Cape Breton island for thousands of years, and they are proud of their Acadian, French and Mi’kmaw roots.

Working with other artisans, woodworkers and crafters is an important part of their business. With a high regard for integrity we add value to fine products with custom engraving. They also design and create custom boxes to showcase products for other makers, manufacturers and designers. They are always happy to custom design unique gifts for corporate gifts and wedding needs.

Local hardwoods are used to make solid wood magnets, ornaments and keychains. We hand pick the wood and use birch, curly birch, maple and other hardwoods depending on their availability. Each magnet has been carefully designed by our creative design team.

Blue Crab Design can help customize products to create unique, one-of-a-kind items that mean something greater. Personalizing awards, cutting boards, dog tags and many other items can turn a great piece into the perfect gift.

The possibilities are endless with Blue Crab Design. Whether you're developing products, working on hobby projects, or prototyping new designs, our design team can help you create faster and with higher quality. All it takes is a little imagination!

We have made some beautiful urns and crib boards in 2023. Contact us if you would like any.